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Vicor has announced its PI3101 Cool-Power high-density isolated DC/DC converter.

It is suitable for end systems such as advanced telecom and wireless infrastructure, networking and communications, Power-over-Ethernet applications and high-speed server platforms.

Delivering a regulated 3.3V output at up to 18A output current, from an input voltage range of 36V to 75V DC, the PI3101 achieves 25W/cm3 (400W/in3) – said to be three to four times the power density of existing solutions – and optimises board area by providing 16.5W/cm2 (105W/in2).

The PI3101 combines isolation, voltage transformation and output regulation in a surface-mount Power-System-in-Package (PSiP) platform with a 3.6cm2 footprint and 6.7mm profile.

The Cool-Power range is built on a proprietary ZVS topology using advanced control silicon integration, planar magnetics and high-performance power semiconductor technology, enabling switching frequencies in excess of 1MHz with up to 87 per cent efficiency.

Fast transient response to dynamic loads limits the requirement for output bulk capacitance and EMI performance is significantly improved due to the inherent low-noise and high-frequency characteristics of the product.

The PI3101 is equipped with a variety of programmable features, including: +/-10 per cent output voltage trimming, programmable soft-start capability, remote on/off enable and an accurate temperature-monitor function that provides an analogue output voltage proportional to the internal temperature of the product, serving also as a fault alarm.

It is self protected against various fault conditions, including input over-voltage and under-voltage lockout with auto-restart capability, over-temperature and output over-voltage protection with auto-restart capability and a dual current limit threshold to protect against short circuits and overload conditions.

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