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The Style 177 Quickvic coupling from Victaulic is said to allow contractors, engineers and owners to reduce installation time by half.

The coupling is an extension of Victaulic’s installation-ready product line.

Features of installation-ready technology include no loose parts and no requirement to disassemble before installation.

‘Our installation-ready product line helps customers meet and exceed their schedules, offers a safer, flame-free solution and reduces man hours,’ said Mark Gilbert, Victaulic general manager EMEA-I.

The coupling can be assembled without the need to disassemble the bolts, nuts, gasket and housings.

Crews can assemble a grooved joint by inserting the installation-ready coupling onto the pipe/fitting ends and tightening the nuts using standard hand tools or an impact gun.

No loose components means a safer, cleaner and more efficient jobsite, where installers do not need to disassemble and reassemble couplings.

The coupling’s centring bolt pad design offers metal-to-metal connection that gives a visual confirmation of proper installation.

The Style 177 Quickvic coupling offers flexibility for expansion, contraction and deflection.

It features an ‘EHP’ gasket material for performance from -34C to 121C (-30F to 250F).

The EHP gasket is geometrically optimised for performance under pressure, heat, assembly and stress relaxation.

The coupling is suitable for HVAC, utility piping, process piping and mining applications and is rated up to 6,900kPa/1,000psi.

It is available in sizes 2in, 2.5in, 3in, 4in, 5in, 6in and 8in, as well as 76.1mm and 139.7mm.

It is designed for joining standard roll-grooved and cut-grooved steel pipe.


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