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Victaulic, a manufacturer of fire protection products, has added an item to its Firelock range for use in the UK and across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Firelock Style 912 Low-Profile Sprinkler Outlet-Tee provides a 0.5in (12.7mm) outlet for connecting sprinklers directly to 1in, 1.4in and 1.5in piping systems.

It is approved by factory mutual for wet and dry (oil-free air) sprinkler service up to 300psi/20bar and has VdS and LPCB approval to 232psi/16bar at ambient temperatures that are typical for fire protection systems.

Suitable for use on standard, light-wall and other speciality piping, the Style 912 Low-Profile Sprinkler Outlet-Tee is said to be quick and simple to install.

The locating collar engages a pre-cut hole in the pipe and, by evenly tightening the housings, the gasket is compressed onto the outside diameter of the pipe, forming a leak-free seal.

The low-profile design allows the sprinkler to be installed as close to the branch pipe as possible, which is especially useful in tight spaces and where there is low clearance.

Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A-536, grade 65-45-12, is used for the housing, with ASTM A-395, grade 65-45-15, available upon request.

The housing is available in red enamel or hot-dipped galvanised.

Bolts and nuts are manufactured from heat-treated plated carbon steel; track heads meet the physical and chemical requirements of ASTM A-449 and the physical requirements of ASTM A-183.

The use of Grade ‘E’ EPDM Type A for the gasket ensures its reliability and durability, according to the company.


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