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Victor Europe’s Vturn-A26 CNC range includes upgraded structural rigidity in its headstocks, box slideways, turrets and carriages.

Based on a modern one-piece slant bed design, a Meehanite casting distributes stress throughout the Vturn-A26 structure.

Each lathe’s structure is precision machined in a single set-up on a large five-face machining centre.

This ensures enhanced accuracy and outstanding alignment.

Designed to increase loading capacity and to facilitate heavy cutting, NN-type roller bearings are used throughout.

To help prolong bearing service life, spindle oil coolers are included as standard, while a four-layer labyrinth cover further protects spindle bearings.

Employing advanced Direct Drive Spindle technology (DDS), the Vturn-A26’s spindle motor is integrated inside the headstock, eliminating the problematic vibrations that occur within belt or gear drive systems.

This advancement improves spindle run-out, resulting in enhanced surface finish, superior component roundness and prolonged consumable tooling life.

The A26’s integral unit creates lower inertia than traditional drives, allowing faster acceleration time, further improving overall efficiency.

A superior, dual winding spindle motor gives similar operational characteristics to a two-step gearbox, offering additional torque output at low spindle speed when compared with conventional belt-driven spindles.

A maximum milling speed of 4,000rev/min, delivered by a high-quality servo motor, maintains a near constant torque output over the Vturn-A26’s complete speed range.

A VDI-40 milling turret, with coupling specifications of either DIN-5480 or DIN-1809, enables the quick tool changeover of VDI tool holders.

The proven reliability of a Fanuc 0i-TD controller is combined with Victor’s custom-designed PLC to offer Vturn-A26 customers an efficient, integral control system with absolute reliability.

A remote manual pulse generator (hand-wheel) is provided as standard for easy tool calibration.

Demonstrations of the cost-effective Vturn-A26 range will be available from Victor Europe at the company’s headquarters, located in Rochdale, Lancashire five minutes from the M62.

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