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Qualitek Engineering, a manufacturer of components for the oil and gas, power-generation, automotive and nuclear industries, has acquired it’s third Victor Vturn-36 CNC lathe.

The Vturn-36 has a maximum cutting diameter of 20.9in and a swing-over bed of 26.77in, making it ideal for large chucking jobs.

Its slant-bed design, including torque-tube box ways and a rigid spindle, results in a robust and rigid machine tool that is ideal for the heavy cutting of a range of materials, including hardened steels.

The lathe is based on a heavy-duty Meehanite cast machine bed, giving excellent damping properties, while hardened and finely ground box ways help to ensure extended service life and excellent component surface finish.

The machine’s large bore spindle utilises heavy-duty roller bearings to help absorb high radial loads throughout heavy cutting, while angular thrust bearings improve resistance against axial loads in drilling and boring operations.

The Vturn 36’s powerful spindle motor, coupled with a two-speed gear box is balanced, providing enhanced machining performance for heavy-duty cutting at low RPMs.

Pre-tensioned, double-anchored ball screws improve machining accuracy by minimising the effects of thermal growth, while direct coupled servomotors eliminate backlash.

Fast indexing tool turrets and tool discs are manufactured by Victor to help control the consistency of the product produced.

Their curvic coupling design provides greater positioning accuracy while hydraulic clamping makes the randomly selecting bidirectional turret ideal for heavy cutting.

Mounted on box ways to ensure maximum rigidity, when subjected to heavy cutting, a fully programmable tailstock is automatically clamped to the machine bed when its final position is reached.

Forced lubrication channels are milled into the underside of the machine’s carriageways and turret, allowing oil to be constantly fed between each of the moving members and improving machine life.

The lubricant is controlled through a pressured system, so that leaks or pressure drop result in an alarm being displayed on the controller.

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