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The Vcenter-X300 vertical machining centre from Victor Europe offers simultaneous five-axis machining on large parts of up to 1100mm in diameter, and four-axis machining of parts up to 3000mm long.

With a swivel-head spindle and off-centre rotary table, the company claimed that the Vcenter-X300 offers high-accuracy, large-capacity five-axis machining.

The Vcenter-X300 has a rigid machine structure made entirely from the Meehanite, a highly stable material.

Minimising the potential for vibration, three robust, linear guides support the machine’s heavy traversing column, helping to provide a smooth movement along its X-axis.

Large-diameter hollow ball screws are said to guarantee high rigidity and quick machine response, while coolant circulating through the ball screws reduces the potential for heat build-up and further improves machining accuracy.

With a high-precision rotary table embedded inside the machine’s 3.5m-long fixed table, the Vcenter-X300 is equipped with a swivel head located on its traversing column, enabling the simultaneous five-axis machining of very large diameter parts.

With a coupling included, the Vcenter-X300’s swivel milling head (B-axis) with built-in 26kW/12000rev/min spindle can be clamped in one-degree increments.

This helps to fully utilise the machine’s spindle motor output for multi-face machining and drilling routines.

An advanced oil-air lubrication system, with efficient filtration, is used for the machine’s high-quality spindle bearings.

An off-centre rotary pallet design (C-axis) located on the Vcenter-X300’s table is said to improve rigidity, while the machine’s Y-axis travel of 700mm enables the accurate machining of parts of up to 1100mm in diameter.

A torque motor drives the machine’s 630mm rotary table at rotational speeds of up to 100rev/min, guaranteeing high indexing accuracy, according to Victor Europe.

A precise angular encoder is included as standard equipment.

A maximum table load of 3000kg means that extremely heavy work pieces can be accommodated, while a BT-40/SK-40 tooling system allows high-speed machining of up to 12000rev/min.

An HSK-A63 tooling system is also available as an option.

The Vcenter-X300 is not only capable of machining extremely long parts; with the machine’s central partition guard installed, it can also be transformed into two smaller vertical machining centres, enabling the pendulum machining of two independent setups for four-axis or five-axis machining.

In this mode, the Vcenter-X300’s X-axis travel limit is automatically set by the interlock when the partition guard is installed.

The machine’s partition system enables it to deliver higher productivity than a normal vertical machining centre equipped with a two-pallet APC, according to Victor Europe.

Reducing tool changeover time, a 48-tool magazine is carried by the Vcenter-X300’s traversing column, while a twin arm type ATC performs quick and reliable tool changeover routines, increasing productive machining time.

While the Vcenter-X300’s spindle structure is built for maximum rigidity, a spindle oil cooler is installed to circulate coolant around the cooling jacket of the built-in spindle, extending the service life of the spindle bearings.

A further oil cooler is also included to help protect the machine’s C-axis DD motor.

Two screw-type chip removers are included to take away swarf from the Vcenter-X300’s machining area; a rear disposal conveyor is then used to remove the swarf from the machine.

With a 15in moving CRT monitor included as standard, the machine’s Heidenhain iTNC-530 controller is capable of addressing 256 blocks for high-speed machining and five-axis simultaneous control.

To enable machine operators to observe the workpiece within the machining area, a Heidenhain HR-410 portable hand-wheel is also included.

With dynamic collision monitoring software supplied as standard, the machine’s controller interrupts machining whenever a collision is imminent.

Three warning stages can be set up to detect clearances between two moving parts.

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