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Victrex Polymer Solutions has announced that Circomp has developed the DW 710 range of carbon fibre Victrex PEEK polymer-based composite friction bearings.

The bearings are optimised for resistance against shock and wear, promoting longer service life and increased reliability.

Victrex PEEK polymer was selected to replace thermosets as the matrix material in the design of the DW 170 bearings for its high-temperature performance, with glass transition temperatures ranging between 143C and 162C and melting temperatures between 343C and 387C, and performance properties including good wear and chemical resistance and high mechanical strength.

By simultaneously making advances in its manufacturing process and selecting Victrex PEEK polymer, Circomp reduced the coefficient of friction and thus the bearing friction of the DW 170 by 28 per cent and wear reduction by as much as 68 per cent when compared with thermoset bearings.

The measured coefficient of friction of the friction bearing DW 170 is also around 25 per cent lower than traditional thermoset continuous carbon-fibre-reinforced bearings with carbon nanotube filling providing less energy consumption and longer service life.

The friction bearings are said to offer good dimensional stability up to 260C, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

DW 170 friction bearings also provide good dry-running characteristics and can be used in operation after lubrication system failure, making them suitable for use in pumps and construction machinery as well as in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, offshore and onshore facilities to reduce maintenance and increase reliability.

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