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Lilin’s IPD-112 is an ONVIF-conformant IP video camera that has high-definition H.264, JPEG streaming and the ability to deliver high frame rates even across 3G networks.

Featuring a day/night CCD, the camera switches to monochrome when light levels drop below a certain level that enables it to operate in poorly lit conditions.

With a varifocal 3.3-9mm lens, the focal length can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

The IPD-112 Series features universal easy-to-use configuration menus that are now standardised across the Lilin IP range.

Equipped with PoE but with the option of supporting 12Vdc locally, it also benefits from an audio encoder, three-way gimbal and dual H.264 and JPEG streaming.

The camera is supplied in a screw-on design with a dust-resistant cover.

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