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Aqueous Technologies has published a video presentation, entitled ‘An Introduction to the Zero-Ion G3 Ionic Contamination Tester.’

The e-learning video presentation covers all aspects of ionic contamination (ROSE) testing, including detailed coverage of why cleanliness testing is more critical today than ever before, industry-approved cleanliness testing alternatives, industry-assigned equivalency values, theory of operation, and features and benefits of cleanliness testing.

‘An Introduction to the Zero-Ion G3 Ionic Contamination Tester’ can be viewed on Aqueous Technologies’ website.

Unlike other less sensitive static-based systems, the Zero-Ion G3 cleanliness tester uses dynamic measurement technology, a method for detecting weak ion activators commonly found in no-clean fluxes.

With dynamic measurement technology, the contaminated test solution is monitored and then filtered to supply de-ionised test solution back to the test chamber, resulting in greater solubility and sensitivity.

The increased solubility eliminates the ‘saturation limit effect’ associated with other static measurement methods.

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