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ABB has announced that Daisy and Co has replaced circular chart recorders for an ABB SM500F videographic recorder.

Daisy and Co regularly produces a range of special quality cheese in batches to meet specific customer demands, using purpose-built equipment including a traditional pasteuriser set.

The company had been using dedicated circular chart recorders for decades to trace and record the process data such as hot and cold product temperatures and the heating medium temperature.

However, due to the humid and wet conditions of a dairy environment the instrument was showing signs of wear and needed to be refurbished or replaced.

When the paper chart recorder and controller failed in the middle of a pasteurisation run, it resulted in the treatment process being halted and the pasteurisation process being put at risk.

This is due to food quality regulations that require several parameters in the pasteuriser plant to be accurately recorded and the paper record/chart stored for several years.

In a bid to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and restore the production process Daisy and Co approached local ABB alliance partner AM Sensors for a solution.

The SM500F is an electronic data recorder that can be installed anywhere, taking recording out of the control room and offering users localised access to operational data.

The SM500F enables Daisy and Co to continuously track what is happening in each process and allows the company to conveniently store data for future reference.

In a highly regulated industry the recorder offers efficient and constant transparency while reducing incidents of wastage due to product irregularities.

This move from traditional analogue circular chart recorder to digital recording and logging technology means that Daisy and Co can use the information collected to ensure a high product quality and then archive records for future reference without the storage issues associated with paper-chart recorders.

Fully compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations concerning electronic process data collection, the SM500F is said to be ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is needed.

Typical applications for the device include cold storage, temperature and humidity monitoring, effluent monitoring, borehole abstraction and building management systems.

Its fully sealed IP66 and Nema 4X enclosure provides full protection against water and dust ingress making it ideal for hosedown and dirty applications.

The SM500F includes four gland links, offering easy connection of the recorder to other instruments, while a user-friendly display and interface means that setting up and using the SM500F can quickly be mastered.

Front-mounted pushbuttons allow simple selection of data, which is presented in a familiar Windows environment.

Set-up and commissioning is also straightforward, with menus presenting options for setting and fine-tuning operating parameters.

Added support is provided by a context-sensitive online help feature.

As with other members of the SM recorder series, the SM500F can send e-mail notifications whenever an alarm occurs to ensure that any potential problems are promptly addressed.

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