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Honeywell, formerly Sperian, has launched the ‘Making Safety Personal’ series of videos on Youtube, featuring real-life examples of managing safety in challenging environments.

The videos are said to recognise the role of safety management and encourage the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Featuring Sperian customers Baker Concrete and Total E and P France, the videos show workers at the Orange Line, an elevated railway in Miami, Florida, and at a natural gas extraction site in Lacq, France.

The videos emphasise the human aspect of safety management and the role that PPE plays.

Grant Johnson, regional safety manager at Baker Concrete, and Alain Delaire, safety and environment technical officer at Total E and P France, discuss the everyday challenges faced in their roles and offer insights into the routines and practices in place to ensure the adoption and consistent use of relevant PPE, as well as how they manage co-worker relationships.

Honeywell Safety Management Systems

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