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New localised versions of Viewlinc have extended its environmental monitoring, alarming and reporting capabilities to non English-speaking customers.

Designed to protect critical products and meet compliance requirements, Viewlinc provides continuous records, multiple alarm notifications and automated reporting for GxP environments.

With a secure audit trail and tamper-proof hardware, this auditable system fully meets FDA regulations and the requirements of other international regulatory bodies.

Other upgrades that will accompany language localisation will include the ability to control the display of thresholds and include TdC (dew point) as a temperature unit.

‘We’ve made it easier to select and display specific monitored locations for fast review and reporting.

‘In addition, IT and system administrators can now quickly view a summary of hardware connectivity addresses, which makes changing monitored locations or adding new hardware a lot easier,’ said Chad Hagberg, Veriteq’s product-development manager.

Hagberg added that reporting functions have been expanded, with options to generate historical reports as PDF or for import to Excel.

A German version of Viewlinc will be the first localised version of the software for the European market.

It is available from CiK Solutions, which distributes and supports Viewlinc throughout Germany, Austria, Turkey and Switzerland.

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