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Veriteq has introduced the Viewlinc 3-in-1 cleanroom-monitoring system, which provides gap-free records of temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure.

The Viewlinc cleanroom-monitoring system protects products and maintains cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) to meet FDA requirements.

Ken Appel, marketing manager of regulated markets for Veriteq, said: ‘With Viewlinc, a continuous record of data is always available – even during network interruptions.

‘Many cleanroom facilities have traditionally used chart recorders to track conditions.

‘Unfortunately, chart recorders are vulnerable to mechanical problems and other issues such as overwritten charts, dry pens, or failure during power outages, which results in data gaps.

‘Even more problematic is the fact that most chart recorders lack methods for remote alarming when conditions go out of tolerance,’ he added.

Over the past few years a growing number of cleanrooms have begun to use data loggers for monitoring critical environments.

However, Appel believes the accuracy of many devices is not sufficient for GxP environments.

‘The problems start when the loggers are recalibrated and it is discovered that a sensor has drifted out of spec.

‘Viewlinc’s data loggers state measurement accuracy for one year post deployment.

‘This allows you to feel confident in the integrity of your data,’ he said.

Another major advantage of the Viewlinc solution is significant savings in total cost of ownership, because the system can be installed on any existing network via Ethernet, PoE (power over ethernet), Wi-Fi or any combination.

Other benefits include secure, gap-free records for regulatory compliance.

A 10-year battery and secure data backup on each logger – at the point of measurement – ensure that data is complete, even in the event of network or power outage.

It features regulatory-requirement assurance with secure audit trail for 21 CFR Part 11 and other international regulations; one-year stable measurement accuracy to +/- one per cent RH and +/-0.10C, and resolution of 0.05 per cent RH and 0.02C (at 25C).

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