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Comitronic has launched Vigilguard, an interlocking solution that operates without any additional safety module due to its self-control system and redundancy of its safety lines.

Comitronic’s switching power of 2A/48V suits the majority of machines in industries such as packaging, palletising, saw machines, robotics and food industries.

When energised, the coded bolt will be activated and will be inserted in the coded strike head, which will then detect it and actuate the safety contacts.

Due to the dead bolt there is no mechanical wearing and the mechanical lifetime expectancy is over 10 million cycles.

Its smooth design with with no cavity and a central hole in the strike to quickly release water speeds up the cleaning process.

The housing, made in Zamak, (Zinc Aluminium Magnesium Copper) is resistant to heavy handling and suits heavy doors commonly used in the automotive and steel industry.

Fitted with internal relays, Vigilguard reaches the highest safety level PL4e according to ISO EN 13849-1, or cat 4 as per EN954-1, without having to be wired to a safety module.

Easy to wire, the redundant safety lines have a potential free switching power of 2A/48V.

When the power supply is not in the correct range, or when the temperature becomes abnormal, a visual display via the LED is given and the device goes automatically into safe mode.

The three LEDs on Vigilguard give operators an overview of the state of the switch.

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