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Millipore has introduced the Viresolve Pro solution, a next-generation virus clearance product.

The company said the Viresolve Pro solution represents a leap forward in virus-clearance technology, with a patent-pending membrane, a newly designed device format, sensitive performance tests and a range of services and virus-clearance expertise.

Manufacturers of biotech products derived from recombinant cell lines or human plasma are well aware of the risk of virus contamination, which requires the most robust virus-clearance solution available.

Based on a dual-layer PES membrane designed to simultaneously deliver high parvovirus LRV, capacity and flux, the Viresolve Pro device formats will enable productivity gains from process development to full-scale production.

Testing performed with Viresolve Pro devices has shown capacities in excess of 3000 g/m2 in 75 per cent of all molecules tested.

All of the device formats are fully disposable and shipped gamma irradiated.

Merck Millipore, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, offers solutions that enable scientists to conduct life science research easily, efficiently and economically. With a range of more than 40,000 products, Merck Millipore is one of the top three suppliers of tools to the life science industry.

“The new Merck Millipore combines agility and intense customer focus with a deep research capability and a long term strategy for success.” Bernd Reckmann, 

Head of Merck Millipore.

Our Vision Unleash the potential of Science for Life
Our Mission Side by side with our customers we drive innovative solutions to transform research, development and production, worldwide.

Lab Solutions

The new Lab Solutions business combines Millipore’s Lab Water and the majority of Process Monitoring Tools Business Units, along with Merck’s business in Microbiology, Food & Environmental Analytics, inorganics, solvents and other laboratory chemicals.

Key Products & Services

·      Lab Water Purification systems, consumables and services

·      Chemical reagents

·      Biomonitoring Microbiology & Process Monitoring

·      Test Assays

·      Organic and Analytical Chemicals

Merck Millipore’s water purification systems and installations are present in most industry sectors and include the Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Clinical (Medical, Hospital), Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Cosmetics, Electronic and Food & Beverage industries.


Our lab water experts take the time to evaluate the needs of individual labs and particular applications in order to recommend a system that balances water quality with volume and distribution requirements, removing water quality concerns so that customers can focus on their research. They also collaborate closely with architect and engineering firms in hundreds of laboratory construction or renovation projects.


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