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Virtalis has designed and installed two virtual-reality systems for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield — set up to support the nuclear supply chain for the latest generation of reactors — to enable the 3D visualisation of components.

Engineers at the Nuclear AMRC wanted to be able to scan components and drop them into a virtual environment so they could ensure that they fit with other components in the assembly — allowing alterations to be made prior to shipping.

The systems installed by Virtalis comprised an Activecube and an Activewall.

The Activecube is a four-sided virtual-reality system — which looks like a floating 3.2m glass box — designed to deliver a human-scale 3D virtual experience for two to four people. Users can navigate through the virtual environment and pick up and manipulate components in real time.

The Activewall is an interactive 3D visualisation system that uses a 2.8 x 4.5m Da-Lite screen and can be used by up to 25 people. It can also be linked to the Activewall for collaborative working.

The Nuclear AMRC plans to use the systems to enable observers to watch the movements of those within the Activecube on the Activewall, as well as linking them to its other virtual-reality centres worldwide. This will enable it to carry out international design, manufacturing and assembly reviews as well as complex training exercises.

Key features

Virtalis Activecube

  • Immersive drivers are included
  • Christie Mirage S 3Ks rear-project 3D virtual environments
  • Mirage S 6K covers the floor area
  • Intersense IS900 system tracks movements within the Activecube
  • Handheld controller is supplied

Virtalis Activewall

  • Immersive drivers are included
  • The system uses Intersense IS900 tracking
  • Christie Mirage WU12K-M rear projection is also provided

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