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TSC Simulation has installed a virtual control room at Pembrokeshire College to provide training for process industry operators working within LNG terminals and refineries.

The virtual control room (VCR) uses PC systems, touch-screen keyboards, and multimedia communications systems in conjunction with powerful simulation models.

The VCR includes four trainee workstations laid out as a conventional control room.

The room includes video and audio feeds, hardwired alarm and shutdown panels, and radio and telephone communications with the trainers.

In a specially built trainers’ room, one or two trainers can either run a single process across all of the workstations, or they can run separate models on different workstations to promote communication skills between the operators.

Full event log and CCTV monitoring is used to provide evidence of competency for the trainees.

The trainer facilities include being able to start the model in any previously saved condition, introducing faults and unusual situations on an individual or scenario basis, and ‘role playing’ as field operators, emergency services, workshops, supervisors and so on, using the telephone or radio communications with each trainee workstation.

The trainers are also able to play pre-recorded video of scenarios such as flare stacks, internal furnace flame monitors and entry gates on monitors within the control room to provide realistic feedback during scenarios.

The system has been supplied with several TSC models, including fractionation columns, oil production systems and LNG receiving and export compressor facilities.

Initially using emulations of Honeywell and Foxboro DCS, the TSC system may also be used to emulate Delta V, ABB and other industry-standard DCS systems.

The VCR will run any of the range of standard TSC models, and may also be used in the future to run site-specific dynamic simulations for other processes in the south Wales region.

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