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Virtual Industries has announced the HV-KIT-ESD, its Handi-Vac kit with four probes and cups.

The Handi-Vac kit is static dissipative and uses conductive silicone vacuum cups.

Each kit comes complete with one 1/8in and one 1/4in vacuum cup on bent probes, as well as one 1/8in and one 3/8in vacuum cup on straight probes.

The Handi-Vac kits are pick-and-place tools that are designed to fit into any toolbox.

To operate the kits, select a tip with a rubber vacuum cup on a probe that is slightly smaller than the part to be picked and placed.

Place the probe on the tip of the Handi-Vac tool.

Make sure that there is no dust on the rubber vacuum tip.

Larger rubber vacuum cups can be placed directly on the Handi-Vac tip without using a probe.

Gently squeeze the Handi-Vac bulb and place the soft suction cup squarely on the pick-and-place part, then relax the squeeze.

The part is now firmly gripped.

Move the part to the desired location and a second squeeze of the bulb releases the part.

Applications for this tool include SMT parts, metal parts, plastic parts or any item with a smooth, non-porous surface that the rubber vacuum tweezer tip can seal against.

This tool can be used with any of the company’s rubber vacuum cups, ranging in size from 3/32in (2.38mm) to 3/4in (19.05mm) in diameter.

The larger cups should be used to pick up heavier parts.

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