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Rheosense has released uVisc (micro Visc), a viscometer utilising VROC technology that enables accurate and rapid viscosity measurements with high repeatability.

The company said the uVisc is fast and easy to use, and can meet industry’s growing need for an increasingly efficient quality control protocol.

The measurement process consists of three simple steps: load your sample into a disposable pipette, mount the pipette, and run the test.

Measurement results, including data necessary for advanced analysis, are displayed in less than a minute for most samples.

The uVisc features: viscosity (in mPa-s or cP); shear rate and sample temperature measurement; only 100uL needed per measurement; no evaporation; accuracy exceeds one per cent of full scale or two per cent of reading; repeatability within one per cent; measurements take as little as a minute; a wide range of viscosities is measurable (0.2cP~5,000cP) with hot-swappable sensor cartridges; lightweight (1.5lb) when continuously testing analogous or miscible samples; up to 20 tests logged, each with a user-definable sample ID; multiple operational modes to assist any user, whether beginner or advanced; automated cleaning mode.

The uVisc is said to provide fast, accurate viscosity measurement in a small package with a user-friendly interface.

VROC (Viscosity-rheometer-on-a-chip) is a MEMS microfluidic chip-based viscometry technology.

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