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Norcros Adhesives has introduced a viscosity and temperature control system, which has no moving parts, is maintenance free and is compatible with any PLC.

The Viscsense viscosity control system features a touch-screen controller and employs a compact acoustic wave sensor that can be installed in line within a process, regardless of orientation, to continuously monitor viscosity and temperature.

Unaffected by flow or vibration, this viscosity control system has no moving parts and can measure low-shear viscosities from 0 to 600 CPS and temperatures to 105C, depending on the material.

Providing on-the-fly readouts in any cup value, the Viscsense viscosity control system is suitable for use with low-viscosity coatings or inks and applications with one to 10 stations.

Compatible with any PLC, the controller operates on 24VDC and provides 4-20mA, RS232 and Canbus outputs.

The sensor weighs 249g and has a 1/2 NPT pipe connection.

The Viscsense system is priced from USD8,995 (GBP5,642) complete with a controller and from USD5,495 for the sensor and interface.

Literature and quotations are available upon request.

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