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The Viscotek DSV system automates the temperature-controlled measurement of polymer dilute solution viscosity (DSV), a parameter used for molecular weight determination.

A closed solvent loop in the Viscotek DSV system provides high levels of safety while automation eliminates the errors associated with manual instruments.

The system is suitable for biopharmaceutical and polymer scientists carrying out QC and product development.

DSV can characterise macromolecules such as hyaluronic acid, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry for its viscosity properties.

In the bulk polymer industry, intrinsic viscosity data is used to determine or verify the average molecular weight of many bulk polymers, for example polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

The Viscotek DSV system can be used as an alternative to conventional techniques, which use glass apparatus.

It incorporates a dual capillary viscometer and Viscotek’s Vortex automated sample preparation and injection system.

It operates with a pump-driven closed loop to minimise solvent exposure, reduce sample size and cut associated solvent costs.

A dual capillary viscometer determines viscosity by comparing the pressure drop induced over a capillary by solvent and sample solution.

Measurements are made according to ASTM approved Method D 5225-92.

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