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Vistagy, a provider of industry-specific engineering software and services, has announced that Airborne Composites has purchased its FiberSIM software.

FiberSIM is intended to reduce lead times for products by an anticipated 20 per cent and for redesigned and scaled versions by more than 30 per cent.

The first program that the software is being used on by Airborne Composites is for the design and tooling of the composite overhang panels for the empennage wing surfaces of the Gulfstream G650 business aircraft.

The panels are a sandwich structure comprised of carbon fibre/epoxy skins and honeycomb core.

Airborne Composites is subcontracting for Stork Fokker on the G650 project.

A challenge that Airborne Composites faces with the G650 programme is short lead times and the need to use concurrent engineering techniques to make rapid design changes during definition of tooling, plies and processes.

Wiard Leenders, general manager of Airborne Composites, said: ‘FiberSIM provides us with a competitive advantage because it enables us to design and tool our composite parts accurately and quickly so we can meet the demanding deadlines that are so common in the industry these days.

‘FiberSIM is completely integrated into the Pro/Engineer Wildfire CAD [computer-aided design] system and allows for redefinition of the CAD part while defining the plies, which enables our engineers in analysis and design to work in parallel and deliver designs faster.

‘The software simulates how fibres deform when draped over a complex curvature, giving us the information we need to accurately define plies on the first iteration.

‘Furthermore, FiberSIM’s export and documentation capabilities give us the ability to quickly create clear instructions and export flat patterns to laser projection and cutting software.

‘Our products require accurate ply definition and lay-up so engineering can be done quickly.

‘FiberSIM enables us to accomplish this by generating this data in a controlled and efficient manner,’ he added.

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