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Elma Electronic is offers the SATA-based EDM2, a dual-slot 6U VME storage module for use in mission-critical and data-sensitive applications.

Older systems using legacy 6U VME SCSI technology can now be easily and cost-effectively upgraded to a more current interface without encountering End of Life (EOL) issues associated with older drives.

The new module appears to the system as a legacy SCSI drive via an onboard Ultra320 SCSI interface, while incorporating higher capacity and readily available 2.5in SATA drive technology.

The module currently offers up to 2 TB of rotating drive storage as standard, making it ideal for applications where larger storage capacities are needed.

When the EDM2 is configured with solid state drives, it’s optional secure erasure and write protection features support 10 national defense and security agency erasure methods.

The EDM2 supports either one or two 2.5in solid-state drives with a board capacity of up to 256GB or one or two rotating drives with a board capacity up to 2TB.

The EDM2 can attain board level transfer rates up to 44MB/sec and is available with extended temperature capability from 0 to 70C, drive-type dependent.

Conformal coating is optional.

Software and driver support is available for Linux, Vxworks and Windows with specific versions available upon request.

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