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Vodex has introduced the Fumecab 1000 integrated filtration system, which has been designed to ensure compliance with regulations such as the HSG258 code of practice.

A key feature of Fumecab 1000 is Airtek, a filter-change technology from Bofa that enables safe and simple front-loading filter replacement and which is claimed to provide many benefits over rear-access systems.

Dual LED and UV lighting could be beneficial to applications such as the conformal coating of PCBs, where operators need to be able to identify uniformity issues with the coating.

Typical applications include soldering; conformal coating; document archiving; museum artifact restoration; low-volume spray painting and varnishing; laboratory work; hobby and craft industries; and schools and universities.

Vodex Fume Extraction and Production Equipment

Vodex has become one of the UK’s leading specialists in the supply and installation of bespoke dust and fume extraction products and production equipment. It caters for a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical, dental, beauty and education and supplies a variety of both small businesses and large high-end blue-chip companies such as Philips, Bosch, Ford and the NHS, to name a few. 

Vodex, which is also an affiliate member of the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has more than 25 years of combined experience and expertise in the team, and is adamant on creating strong bonds with each of its customers. By forming well-built relationships, Vodex is able to supply demanding bespoke products with a quick turnaround and competitive price. As a turnkey solutions provider, Vodex realises that not all standard products cater for every problem and is proud to be able to offer a fast and flexible response time coupled with a commitment to customer service, value for money, and high-quality products.

Vodex’s product offering also extends to a wide range of production equipment for manufacturing companies that include: industrial furniture, chairs and trolleys; safety storage cabinets; ovens, freezers and incubators; scales and balancers; vision inspection equipment; electric and air-driven screwdrivers; static (ESD) control products; electronic rework equipment; cable and component preparation; ultrasonic cleaning baths and of course, fume and dust extraction.

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