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Vollmer UK is to showcase tool grinding machinery including the Loroch Solution K850, the CX100, CHD270 and Loroch CNBS at Mach 2010.

In addition the company will highlight a selection of PCD tooling.

Vollmer said this will demonstrate the capabilities of its range of erosion machine tools with regard to processing drills and cutting tools as well as additional components.

On the Mach stand, Vollmer will be showing its Loroch CNBS 80 for the re-sharpening of bandsaw blades.

The CNBS can accommodate saw blades from 8-80mm wide, 0.5-3mm thick and 2.8-7m long with a pitch from 3-34mm, catering for the majority of saw blades on the market.

The flexible CNBS machine can sharpen tungsten-carbide-tipped (TCT), CV and bi-metal blades at a rate of up to 16 6m blades in one shift.

Offering variable grinding speeds from 100-600mm/min with CBN or diamond grinding wheels, the CNBS machine gives the customer flexibility with its control panel that enables the operator to input a range of operational parameters.

Alongside the CNBS will be the Loroch Solution K850 machine for the re-sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of circular saw blades.

Specifically for the machining of HSS blades, this new unit can be used with saw blades from 40-850mm diameter with chamfering possible on blades from 120-850mm.

With a high level of automation for improving productivity and reducing costs, the Loroch Solution K850 can typically re-sharpen 45 blades with a 315mm diameter and 160 teeth in one shift with minimal operator intervention.

Visitors to the stand at Mach will be able to view the optional CAD system that enables the end user to design their own blades with tooth shape and geometry settings to suit specific jobs and materials.

For the sharpening and re-grinding of TCT circular saw blades, Vollmer will give the CX100 automatic grinding machine its Mach debut.

The CX100 has been designed for economical processing of top, face and hollow faces on carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to 500mm diameter.

The CX100 is a fully CNC controlled machine that is claimed to be fast and efficient.

The CNC axes control bevel grinding, grinding wheel feed, strike and the tooth feed, resulting in shorter grinding times and improved precision.

Utilising Vollmer’s PMC multi-processor control, the CX100 requires the minimal amount of data for operation, therefore improving user-friendliness.

With a graphic-supported display, the computer system calculates tooth pitch once the diameter and a number of teeth have been entered.

This enables the machine to grind every tooth shape on the face and top in one cycle, reducing unproductive time and improving programming and productivity times for saws with complicated tooth geometries.

Also on show for the grinding of TCT blades will be the Vollmer CHD270 five-axis precision grinding machine.

This fully CNC controlled machine has functions for controlling the feed and hook/clearance angle adjustment as well as an automatic measuring device.

The unit can also be integrated with a robotic loading system to deliver flexible around-the-clock machining.

Built with a monobloc design for enhanced rigidity and improved tooth accuracy, the CHD270 has a two-axis co-ordinate feed for enhanced flexibility.

The Vollmer Group specialises in the processing of tools in respect of both production and services. Its product range embraces the latest sharpening and eroding machines for saw blades and tools used in the metal and wood processing industries.

The Group's headquarters in Biberach, Germany, is the design and development centre for its products. Other production sites are located in Mörlenbach, Germany, and Taicang, China.

With 700 employees in nine branches and 30-plus agencies, the company works closely with customers at local level, thus ensuring the same high standard of consulting and customer care worldwide.

Product Range

  • Machines for precision sharpening of circular saws
  • Tooling industry: high-precision and performance wire EDM and grinding centres for manufacturing cutting tools 
  • Sawmill industry: tensioning, straightening and grinding of bandsaw blades

Company history

  • 1909 — Heinrich Vollmer develops the first patentable saw blade setting and filing machines
  • 1952 — Vollmer develops first machines for carbide-tipped circular saw blades
  • 1979 — subsidiaries open in France, Brazil, UK, Italy, US and Japan
  • 1988 — Vollmer develops erosion machine for diamond-tipped saw-blade machining
  • 1998 — wire erosion machine introduced for the metalworking industry
  • 2006 — Vollmer purchases Loroch GmbH to complete product range for processing of saw blades

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