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Vortex Valves has supplied a Vortex Roller Gate valve to the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology at Greenwich University.

The university installed the valve on the receiving hopper of a pneumatic conveying test rig.

The rig measures conveying properties of a wide range of powders, often as part of industrial research projects.

Professor Mike Bradley approached Vortex’s UK office in Darlington after encountering repeated blocking problems with an existing valve in the test rig.

He said: ’We frequently undertake consultancy for industry on system design and troubleshooting, and this rig is used to get the data we need.

’However, a butterfly valve, which had always been troublesome for powder flow, was wasting considerable time on test runs.

’The valve had been in service for many years and worked fine when handling free-flowing powders, but contributed to difficult hopper discharge when handling cohesive powders.

’When the 8in (203.2mm) butterfly valve was open, the dimension between the wafer and the side of the bore was only a little over 3in, so it would contribute to hold-up with only mildly cohesive powders.

’This led to applying aeration and ’manual percussive therapy’ of the hopper to get flow moving.’ The replacement valve was required to fit straight into the system, in the footprint of the butterfly valve.

Vortex responded by supplying a 10in Vortex Roller Gate, with custom-built 10in square to 8in round transitions to allow it to fit straight into the existing pipe-work.

The upper transition also incorporated a special service inlet that ensured material flow was diverted away from seals and components.

This greatly extends the life expectancy of the valve.

Using the new Vortex full-bore Roller Gate, the full diameter of the hopper outlet is now unimpeded.

Mildly cohesive powders discharge unaided and even some slightly more cohesive powders are discharged more readily, with the aid of some aeration.

The limitation is now in the hopper and is not made worse by the valve.

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