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Advanced Power Components has announced that VPT’s point-of-load power converter, designed and manufactured for the extreme environment of space, is now available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel.

The SVGA series point-of-load converter is said to deliver high efficiency at a competitive cost and is the latest addition to VPT’s existing line of certified space DC/DC converters.

The SVGA steps down the voltage at the point of use in a distributed power system and is optimised for today’s digital electronics.

Characterised to 100krad (Si) total dose radiation under VPT’s certified radiation programme per MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix G, the SVGA series is optimised for reliable performance in deep space missions, satellite applications, space station initiatives and any ultra-reliable application in a space environment.

Operating at a nominal frequency of 250kHz, with high-efficiency synchronous rectification and fast transient response, these regulated non-isolated converters serve low-voltage point-of-load applications such as ASICs, processors and other digital electronics.

Particular product features include a high power density of >100W/in3 and operation from a 3.5-7.0V input voltage and adjustable output voltage from 0.8-3.4V.

The SVGA series also supplies up to 10A or 33W output power and efficiency up to 94 per cent.

Advanced Power Components

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