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Fibreflight and Quantum CAD have joined forces to develop a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be used for crowd control and aerial observations.

Traditional UAVs need space to launch and land; however, as most events are held in densely populated areas, space is limited.

Richard Hardwick, managing director of Fibreflight, said: ‘Utilising the technologies of our current core product, the MARAC UAV, we have been able to create a more robust, low-cost product that has all the capabilities of a traditional UAV, but with one massive benefit: no launch and land space needed.’ For a successful vertical launch, vehicle weight is important.

More thrust is needed for a heavier vehicle, resulting in reduced flight time and payload.

To save weight and volume, onboard electronic systems need to be rationalised.

Quantum CAD has created a functional and durable bespoke electronic design package.

Steve Jones, managing director of the company, said: ‘Through utilising our internal product lifecycle management system, CXInsight, we are able to collaborate from the beginning of the project to reduce costs and ensure completion for launch date.’ The development of the VTOL UAV is intended to allow security officials to launch the UAV in central locations to monitor crowds and maintain security more efficiently.

Hardwick added: ‘Being able to have a VTOL UAV will bring more benefits to numerous situations; they can be used for the remote observation of suspicious devices, counterterrorism, security, event crowd control and monitoring.’ The launch date for the VTOL UAV is scheduled for late 2009.

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