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Visual Technology Services (VTS) has announced that Version 2.1.0 of its PDF3D software development kit is now available.

Version 2.1.0 provides enhancements for end users and developers, leveraging PDF files in applications and the development toolkit library.

The software update includes a series of new functionalities and extended usability across the PDF3D versions available for desktops or server environments.

Integration is improved on various levels, including, but not limited to, the Paraview, VTK, AVS and VRML interfaces.

Other features include: a Mouse3DProbe location probe, offering distance, angle and slope azimuth measurements; a PDF/Engineering ISO 24517 mode; PRC encoding, offering improved transparent surface visual quality; an Advanced Texture cache API; ZMapplus ASCII grid files support; and the full Microsoft Visual Studio suite of 2003 through 2010 versions.

The PDF3DReportgen application is improved in three main areas: interface, usability and increased format support enhancements.

In terms of interoperability quality, functional and usability improvements have been made to expand the capability of the Open Scene Graph, VTK, STL, Coin3D and VRML interfaces.

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