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Vydas has released an ultrasonic sensor for applications such as liquid-level control, mechanical positioning, roll-diameter measurement, asset tracking and remote monitoring.

The new Massasonic M-320 series RoHS-compliant ultrasonic sensor, which is also suitable for web loop/break monitoring, automatic filling, packaging, bulk-level control, paper and plastic-film processing applications, complements the established M-300 series.

Manufactured by Massa Products, the M-300/320 ultrasonic sensor design incorporates ultrasonic and microprocessor technology to provide low-cost, precision, non-contact distance measurement for factory automation or industrial process control.

Massa produces ultrasonic transducers that operate in air for industrial applications and has designed different types of transducers offering a variety of electro-acoustic characteristics for use in a number of applications.

The new, lower-cost MassasonicT series M-300/150, M-320/150 (range 2.5M) and M-300/95, M-320/95 (range 4.5M) RoHS-compliant smart ultrasonic sensors are now available from Vydas stock in the UK.

The M300/M320 series ultrasonic sensors are said to be simple to operate and come with user-friendly software; they can be set up without using a target.

The sensor transmits narrow-beam sound pulses at a user-selected rate (or it can be software triggered), processes return echoes and produces several outputs dependent on the position of the target.

Operating from 12VDC to 24VDC, the M-300/M-320 range includes several sensor models that operate at different ultrasonic frequencies with different ranges, as close as 4in (100mm) to 15ft (4.5m).

A linear output of 0-10VDC or 4-20mA is provided, which is proportional to the measured distance to the target from the minimum detection distance to the nominal maximum target distance specified for the particular M-300 series model.

This output voltage range, however, can be reprogrammed to start and end anywhere between o/p 0-10VDC or 4-20mA.

The corresponding target distance span can also be set to start and stop at any two target ranges.

This output voltage can also be programmed to operate as a digital switch at a specified target set-point distance.

The system parameters and outputs are programmable via an RS-485 data link, thereby eliminating the problems associated with adjustment potentiometers or pushbuttons.

Additional programmable adjustments include: analogue output slope; sampling rate; the averaging of multiple distance measurements; loss-of-echo time-out; set-point hysteresis when operating in the digital switch mode; and a software sensor transmit trigger.

The M-300/320 ultrasonic sensors come with user-friendly software that operates with Windows operating systems using an RS-232/RS-485 or USB/RS-485 converter.

This data link allows up to 32 sensors to be on the same multi-drop communications network using the supplied protocol.

This network also allows users to remotely program their sensors and read ranges for quick integration into their process control applications.

For users that prefer not to use a PC, the sensors can be programmed at the factory to the customer’s specifications for true plug-and-play operation.

Other features of the M300/320 ultrasonic sensor series include: a totally sealed PVC housing containing an industry-standard 1in NPT fitting for mounting; operation from -20C to +65C with built-in temperature compensation; diagnostic and monitoring outputs; and protection from over-voltage, short circuits and reverse polarity.

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