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Walls + Forms now stocks the Cornerforms two-part fastening system in its widest ever variety of colours and styles.

The fastening system can be used to construct perimeter walls, privacy rooms, fitting rooms, floor fixtures, part-time counters, trade show booths, and hundreds of other construction applications.

Walls + Forms stocks almost three dozen angles of its Cornerforms.

All 0.25in, 0.5in and 0.75in profiles are supplied in white, grey, almond, black, red, yellow, blue sand granite, green grey granite and land serengeti.

It is also available in custom colours in quantities as small as 50 pieces at 8ft in length and can also be produced in custom extrusion lengths.

Cornerforms and its associated edge cap component naturally reinforce the panel.

On-site assembly is simple; the fasteners permit lasting assembly and no sliding is necessary.

Shallow ceiling heights do not obstruct most assemblies and the design also permits field cutting.

Cornerforms features components that allow quick, clean and inexpensive installations, said the company.

Displays can be snapped together; no tools or loose parts are involved.

In the majority of Walls + Forms perimeter wall applications, nothing touches the wall except a concealed bracket.

In a store construction, both new and remodelled wall preparations, such as painting or removal of surface, is virtually eliminated.

The system includes commercial-grade PVC profiles in UPS 96in standard size lengths, plus PVC and aluminium edge cap channels.

The system’s edge cap channel, kerf cap, or grid adapter can be removed for panel alteration and re-applied for installation.

This system connects 1/4in, 1/2in and 3/4in panels (for example, MDF Gator Foam, wood substrates, metal gridwall, slat grid and PVC panels such as slatwall) quickly and inexpensively without bolts, screws or clips.

All components, panels and angles are interchangeable.

Several displays can be combined to create a larger display.

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