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Walter Maschinenbau has introduced the latest version of its Quick Check Modular software (QCM 8.0).

The new software features maximum flexibility, ease of operation and rapid programming.

It can measure with automatic determination of basic parameters on the Helicheck measuring machines even without keying in data in advance.

After the tool is clamped, the user is only required to choose the corresponding basic form and start the automatic measuring process by pressing the ‘Autopilot’ button.

Autopilot allows the user to create and modify independent templates for complex tools.

Even without Autopilot, the creation of programs is a practical possibility for everyone by means of wizards, editors and the transparent modular structure.

The software also offers ready-made variable-parameter programs for ranges of standard tools, thus minimal programming time and effort is required for the measurement for standard tools.

The offline programming capability can save further time.

When preparing measuring programs, for example on a separate work station, it enables the user to measure and prepare the following work-pieces at the same time.

This generates a more effective preparation or result post-processing, which significantly reduces machine down-times.

The software can quickly create measuring programs for most types of tools.

When the geometric data is available in an electronic form, the data can be automatically read in with the appropriate interface and automatically generates the program with reference value.

Measuring programs can be saved on a local database or can be recalled from different Helicheck measuring machines via a common network database at local and global locations, which reduces maintenance.

The measuring programs are basically the same on every machine and are compatible within the range of Helicheck measuring machines.

QCM can also produce test reports for internal and external use.

The captured measuring values are permanently archived.

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