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Ward CNC has supplied a Hartford Mirage vertical machining centre to Specialist Heat Exchangers so that the company is now able to tackle larger workpieces in a single setup.

Engineering director Mike Evans said that the investment in the new machine was prompted by the company’s need to increase its ability to process larger stainless and mild steel headers (accommodating tubes and plugs), which are integral components of the range of industrial heat exchangers produced by the company.

The Hartford is used to perform a range of ‘fairly simple’ drilling, tapping and counterboring operations.

Its overall specification offers spindle speeds of 6,000revs/min via an 18.5/22kW motor and feed rates of 8,000mm/min.

With Y and Z axes of 1,500mm and 780mm, the Hartford Mirage HEP-3150 can accommodate workpieces of 6,000kg.

‘With an X axis of 3,250mm, the machine has immediately allowed us to process components up to 3m long compared with 2m before,’ said Evans.

This, he added, is proving very important in servicing customers in industry sectors such as automotive component, power station, process plant, compressor, off-road vehicle, military and rail transportation, as well as hydraulic applications.

Specialist Heat Exchangers designs and manufactures bespoke, compact and efficient cooling equipment for industrial and petrochemical applications.

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