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The WARDJet Psy-Winder five-axis cutting head, available from Wightman Stewart, is a precision tool is designed to cut bevels and undertake weld preparations.

It can also be programmed to cut any 3D part between 0-90deg and will appeal particularly to manufacturing or sub-contract companies supplying directly or indirectly into the aerospace, oil, gas and power generation sectors, as well as companies looking to offer a differentiated waterjet cutting service.

Five-axis cutting allows a profile to be cut from a flat or angled piece of material at a pre-defined angle between 0-90deg.

The cutting head can be programmed to cut a contoured profile with the head remaining 90deg to the material profile/surface.

This makes the Psy-Winder suitable for bevel cutting or providing an angle for weld preparation.

The cutting of contoured surfaces can also be carried out.

Taper compensation of the cutting head results in increased geometric accuracy at faster cutting speeds.

Up to 12.7m/min are achievable on WARDJet Z-Series machines and up to 63.5m/min on the pure water J-Series.

The standard vertical travel on the Z-Series z axis is 300mm or an optional 600mm.

Custom vertical travel limits can be requested.

The Psy-Winder is considered a fixed mechanical tool tip cutter, meaning that the motion of the additional rotary axes does not affect the spatial position of the cutting point.

Dedicated software makes it fast and easy to programme bevels on parts or to allow for taper compensation – virtually eliminating the taper commonly found on parts cut by a waterjet.

With its heavy-duty construction, the Psy-Winder is designed to create parts more quickly and accurately than with conventional waterjet.

It offers improved tolerances and geometries while eliminating the need for secondary machining.

Typical applications where Psy-Winder has great potential is in the cutting of aerospace alloys, ceramics and glass as well as conventional metals.

The optional height sensor feature reduces the potential for broken nozzles by automatically adjusting the height of the cutting head to maintain a fixed distance between the nozzle and the material.

The crash sensor stops the motion of the machine if there is anything in the path of the cutting head that has the potential to break a nozzle or cause damage.

Up to nine Psy-Winder five-axis cutting heads can be installed on one cross beam with single 2D and 3D capabilities.

Post processors are available for 2D and 3D CAM software.

The Psy-Winder can be specified as part of a WARDJet investment, or can be fitted to an existing WARDJet machine.

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