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When developing its next generation of three-wheel trucks, lift-truck manufacturer Yale approached supplier Warner Electric with a design brief to customise the PK-35 brake to fit within a confined space, while providing parking and manual release braking functions to help increase manoeuvrability.

Warner claims the standard PK-35 brake is used in many forklift and materials handling applications around the world but, for Yale’s latest three-wheeled product, the company requested design parameters such as packaging, heat dissipation and special manual release that required a high degree of customisation to the standard design.

The main function of the brake would be to lock the traction motor shaft when the truck is parked, and it had to fit within the confined space on the end of the in-line traction motors.

It was reported that the level of redesign for this project was such that the finished components were virtually 100 per cent bespoke to the customer’s requirements, and that development was fast to keep to the project’s short schedule.

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