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Warner Linear has developed a range of electric actuators for use in applications ranging from rugged- to light-duty.

All these actuators have ingress protection to IP65 and are maintenance-free, with a long operating life.

They are suitable for use in many industry sectors, including transportation, marine and mining, and can be fully customised to meet individual requirements.

Each actuator in Warner’s range is designed for light-, general- or rugged-duty applications.

The actuators offer load capacities from 25lb at 1.75in/s to 2,200lb at 0.5 in/sec, though these limits can be extended when required by the customer.

Warner sources all its components from ISO-registered suppliers and designs its products so that they do not require any maintenance; this means that once an actuator is installed, it can be relied upon to provide smooth service over a long operating period.

Features include adjustable end-limit switches, pin-to-pin lengths and stroke lengths, special end fittings and mounting configurations, special paints and motor lead wire lengths and connectors.

Also available from Warner Linear is a full range of actuator controls.

The actuator controls range from switch-box controls to microprocessor-based digital electronic controls.

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