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Rochem Technical Services has announced its support of the Vulcan aircraft to the Sky Appeal Trust with an engine compressor wash system designed and manufactured in its factory in Winchester, UK.

This wash system will help to keep the four Rolls-Royce Olympus jet engines of this last ever flying Vulcan corrosion free, clean and efficient throughout its annual air show programme.

It will also help to extend the service life of major engine components.

Since the Vulcan flies mainly at relatively low heights during its air show displays, its engines can ingest airborne salts and other contaminants, some of which can settle on the compressor blades of the engines.

It is therefore important to have a simple and efficient compressor wash system that can be used to thoroughly clean the engines on a regular basis between air shows and during maintenance periods.

The most essential component of the wash system is an atomising header that delivers pure water and/or a special Rolls-Royce-approved Rochem cleaning solution in highly atomised form into the intake of the Olympus jet engines when they are being turned on their starter motors.

The entire water washing and/or chemical cleaning process takes just two minutes, but the wash procedure can be repeated a number of times if needed to ensure that the engine compressors, which are the heart of any jet engine or gas turbine, are spotless and efficient before each air show display.

Rochem is providing the entire wash system – including water and chemical solution tanks and the portable wash pump skid – together with ongoing supplies of cleaning chemical and technical support during the remaining operating life of this aircraft.

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