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Ovivo Water (formerly Eimco Water Technologies) has extended its screening-handling equipment range with the Washpactor-Jet system.

The Washpactor-Jet system does not become blocked during shock-loading from storm events.

It is said to meet the screen-handling needs of today’s modern inlet works, including reduced wash-water, simple operation and suitable end-product requirements.

It has been independently tested by Thompson Research-Project Management; a copy of the results (TRPM-REP237) is available from Ovivo.

Access for maintenance, especially for replacing brushes, is also made easy because the screw element (unlike most other designs) is removable and there is no impeller or macerator to change.

By eliminating blockages and overloading, the ultra-reliable and consistent performance of Washpactor removes time-consuming and unpleasant clean-up operations that are required for some screenings systems.

Washpactor-Jet is said to complement Ovivo Water’s Washer Wave, which is designed more for sensitive areas with strict odour-control requirements.

The screw compactor element of the Washpactor-Jet system was introduced by Jones and Attwood more than 25 years ago – with more than 700 units now in operation.

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