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An optional voltage-output card can now be fitted internally to Intellitect Water’s Intellisonde product, to enable data communication with PLCs and other dataloggers.

‘Many of our clients already have data-logging and communications infrastructure in place so they do not need to utilise RS232 or GPRS,’ said Intellitect’s operations director John Howell.

‘Instead, the new output card provides a voltage signal for each of the sensors, which further helps to lower the cost of water quality monitoring,’ he added.

The Intellisonde features up to 12 sensors in a tiny sonde head that inserts directly into a pipeline, logging water quality data and providing remote access to the data through a variety of communication options.

The optional Analogue Output Card provides up to 12 channels (0 to 2.5V) and can be fitted on request to allow simple connection to other data loggers and programmable logic controllers.

The Intellisonde technology offers utilities the ability to monitor water quality in the many thousands of miles of pipe that carry water to industrial and domestic consumers.

This reduces the cost of water treatment, improves water quality and aids the management of water-distribution networks.

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