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The latest solenoid valves from Parker Hannifin form an integral part of the safety system installed in a fleet of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water-jetting units from Denholm MacNamee.

Developed in conjunction with Norson Power, the Atex-compliant solenoid valves enable the water-jetting units to be used safely in Zone II areas in offshore locations.

The solenoid valves are fitted to the Denholm MacNamee water-jetting units to enable suitable connection to the Yellow Alert Shutdown System offshore platform, so that in the event of the detection of an explosive gas by the platform gas sensors the power to the valve can be disconnected; in turn, this vents the safety system air to the atmosphere, thereby preventing a potential explosion.

Denholm MacNamee specialises in the supply and operation of high-pressure water-jetting equipment for pipe and tubular cleaning, as well as ultra-high-pressure water-jetting units for the surface preparation of steel structures and the removal of corrosion and damaged coatings.

This equipment can be used in both onshore and offshore locations and in such industry sectors as refining, oil and gas, shipyards and power generation.

When the company required an Atex-approved electrical solenoid for its latest fleet of water-jetting units, it approached Norson Power, an Aberdeen-based specialist in hydraulics and fluid power.

As a certified distributor of Parker products, Norson’s specialists were able to recommend the latest valve technology to help meet Denholm MacNamee’s stringent build requirements.

Brian Ritchie, operations manager at Denholm MacNamee, said: ‘With our latest fleet of water-jetting units, we needed to make sure the pneumatically operated safety systems could be vented immediately.

‘We asked Norson to provide us with a solution to this problem and, together with Parker, it recommended the latest generation of Parker solenoid valves, which were ideal for our needs,’ he added.

The Parker products used by Denholm MacNamee include both 24VDC and 110VAC Exd solenoid valves, enabling operators to select the correct voltage setting for their location or platform and making the units fast and simple to install.

The Atex-approved valves are used to control pneumatic safety systems so that if potentially explosive gas is identified by the platform gas detection system, all power to the 24V and 110V circuits is immediately cut.

The valves vent the air within each safety system to the atmosphere, allowing pneumatically operated fuel valves to close, cutting off fuel to the unit’s diesel engine and shutting the engine down in a safe and controlled manner.

The precision-made, stainless-steel valves offer a zero-maintenance solution in safety systems, reacting quickly and reliably in the event of an emergency shutdown, while being robust and resistant to corrosion, according to Parker.

This makes them suitable for use in offshore applications where the aggressive nature of the environment and the contaminants found can be destructive.

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