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Halma Water Management has developed a touch-screen water leak correlator that incorporates a sensor and integrated noise filtering, analysis and management software for the detection of pipe leaks.

The Microcorr Touch is operated by touch screen, making it easier to input data and maximising the visible screen area to display results more clearly.

Leak correlation is used to find the exact location of a leak on a pipe.

Highly sensitive acoustic sensors are placed at intervals on the pipe, and listen to the sound made by the leak.

The data is transmitted wirelessly to a handheld base unit, which processes the information to identify the leak sound, and then applies mathematical algorithms to pinpoint the leak position.

The Touch features a newly developed sensor that is designed to be ultra sensitive, enabling it to perform well even in traditionally difficult conditions, such as on plastic and large-diameter pipes.

It also features a high-visibility, full-colour VGA touch screen to improve data entry and the quality of data presentation.

The user interface is said to simplify leak finding without compromising on functionality or precision, and enables the unit to be operated with the minimum number of key presses.

The large screen, with Tuffscreen anti-glare screen protection, clearly displays correlation results and supportive information even in bright sunshine.

The system is equipped with a tri-filter correlation option that can simultaneously perform three correlations at different filter settings.

This is particularly useful when the pipe material is uncertain, Halma said.

When the best filter is seen, the correlation switches to focus on this.

The outstation is compact with high-quality long-range radio transmission; it also features a magnet to secure onto metallic street furniture.

The purpose-designed robust case carries and protects all components and charges them via mains or vehicle supply.

The charge level for all items can be shown at the touch of a button.

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