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Jemtech, a supplier of cutting tools for precision engineering tasks, has unveiled a fluid evaporation system that separates cutting oils from water and reduces industrial fluid waste disposal costs.

The Waterhog is an evaporation unit that works on the ‘boil-off’ principle, where fluid is heated up beyond 100C, converting the water content to steam and leaving the residue of oil to be disposed of in the normal manner.

The company has enhanced the original design and incorporated some additional features that improve the Waterhog’s functionality and performance.

For example, it uses improved insulation, resulting in the faster heating of the unit and greater heat retention within the fluid, leading to a reduction in processing time and energy consumption and a saving in processing costs.

The user interface of the Waterhog has been designed to simplify and improve the operating procedure.

Steve Coull, managing director of Jemtech UK, said: ‘By focusing on why and how the waste is being produced, which, in general, is due to potentially inadequate fluid care or management, highlighted by poor sump life, excessive drag-out or tramp oil contamination, we can typically reduce fluid use by 20 per cent and associated waste by 35 per cent.

‘It is at this point that we can introduce Waterhog and look seriously at reducing the waste element by a further 90 per cent,’ he added.

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