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Ohio Willow Wood’s Limblogic VS controller, which enables amputees to swim in fresh water and to cycle, for example, uses connector and cable technology supplied by Fischer Connectors.

This technology ensures that the controller remains sealed, watertight and leak proof.

When working to design the Limblogic VS, product engineers wanted to eradicate the discomforts of past prosthetics.

To achieve this, a reliable and controllable vacuum suspension device was required.

The engineers wanted to eliminate both external tubing to the socket and bulky mounting.

Key features that they wanted to incorporate included inline mounting in a prosthesis, the set-and-forget monitoring of pressure, remote-control operation, a waterproof controller and quiet operation.

Fischer connectors are light and compact and incorporate patented push-pull technology.

Mike Haynes, design engineer at Ohio Willow Wood, said: ‘Fischer’s connectors gave Ohio Willow Wood exactly what we needed: a watertight, rugged, miniature SS-102 series connector, which could not be forced and yet could be blind mated easily.

‘Fischer’s assistance with samples, CAD drawings and prompt delivery allowed Ohio Willow Wood to get to market quickly,’ he added.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors are manufacturers of high quality electrical and fibre optic push-pull connectors and cable harnesses.The product range is vast and constantly being evolved; from miniature coaxial to large multi-pin with the additional fibre optic and hybrid options.

Offering high EMC integrity, IP68 sealing and very long life span, these products are ideal for the rigours of Defence and Security; from C4I systems through to Aerospace.

Recent product developments are focused on the quest for miniaturisation and weight saving for Infantry, covert and border security operations

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