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Tabor Electronics has released its Wavexciter series of high-speed arbitrary waveform generators for electronic test applications.

The series is claimed to offer high performance, even when compared with instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals or higher sampling rates.

Equipped with single- or dual-channel 2.1GS/s 12-bit clock and 16M points (32M optional) memory waveform generators, the Wavexciter series can generate literally any waveform at frequencies up to 1GHz with eight digits of resolution and one point granularity, resulting in high precision signal creation and regeneration.

Aside from its ability to generate arbitrary waveforms, the Wavexciter can also be used as a full-featured standard, modulation or pulse generator to solve various applications.

Its affordable footprint is said to save space and cost without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

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