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Tabor Electronics has launched a 250MS/s arbitrary waveform/function generator for the PXI platform.

The Model 5251 instrument is a single-channel waveform generator that is claimed to offer excellent performance in a standalone, PXI-based product.

It combines a function generator, an arbitrary waveform generator, a programmable sequencer, a pulse generator and a modulation generator.

The Model 5251 can generate accurate high-speed waveforms, which can be used to simulate signal distortion, power line cycle dropouts, video signals, component failures and power-supply transients.

Features include: a single-channel 250MS/s waveform generator; sine and square waves generated to 100MHz; 16-bit amplitude resolution; 2M waveform memory; 10Vp-p into 50W and double into open circuit; multiple run modes including trigger, re-trigger and trigger delay; and AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, PSK, Frequency Hop and sweep modulation.

The sequence generator links and loops segments in a user-defined fashion.

The instrument stores up to 10 different sequence tables and occupies a single PXI slot only.

The Model 5251 also features ultra-fast waveform downloads using DMA; a low-phase noise carrier; multi-instrument synchronisation; and Arbconnection software to facilitate waveform creation and control.

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