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Wavesat has announced that its Odyssey chipset has been deployed in Willcom’s XGP broadband wireless network.

The Odyssey chipset is featured in Willcom’s GX001N XGP PC cards.

Willcom’s data-only (internet, video and more) XGP service, based on a 4G OFDMA standard, is available to the general public and enterprise users.

Wavesat said it has worked closely with Willcom and partners in Japan since 2008 to meet this network’s advanced requirements for the Japanese market, including a high 256 QAM modulation scheme, which enables 20Mb/s downlink and uplink connections – even on high-speed trains.

Wavesat added that it was able to meet these requirements based on the programmable, multi-mode architecture incorporated in its Odyssey chipset, offering software reconfiguration to support multiple broadband wireless technologies including XGP, Wimax Wave2, and LTE chipsets.

The Odyssey’s 4G multi-core architecture incorporates multiple ultra-low-power DSPs, offering flexibility, high performance and low power consumption, without any trade-off.

The SOC manufactured using advanced embedded DRAM technology requires no external memory, therefore saving customers space, cost and power consumption in small form-factor portable and mobile applications such as wireless PC data cards, mobile handsets and other consumer electronic devices.

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