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Siemens’ Milltronics Weighdeck 600 (WD600) belt scale is suitable for sanitary food or pharmaceutical processing applications that require accuracy.

The WD600 easily stands up to the tough food-industry environment.

UHMW PE slider pads mounted on stainless-steel crossbars provide the weighbridge.

The WD600 has low friction and a long weighing area.

It provides longer retention time on the load cells, which increases accuracy.

The stainless-steel construction with hermetically sealed stainless-steel load cells ensures that corrosive environments do not create potential process hazards.

Mounting to rugged support arms above the parallelogram-style load cells provides a durable and low-maintenance solution for in-process weighing.

The WD600 can be easily cleaned.

The entire weighbridge is removable without tooling and can be cleaned and replaced in a matter of seconds.

Minimising flat surfaces and creating smooth bends rather than welded joints and sharp corners help to keep the scale clean.

Installing the WD600 is as simple as drilling four holes.

Depending on the type of conveyor, a notch can also be created for the weighbridge to mount to the load cells.

The load cells are also mounted on the outside of the conveyor stringers, allowing easy access for calibration and maintenance.

An IP67 rating on the load cells provides the protection needed for the WD600 applications.

Nickel-plated alloy-steel load cells are also available for less corrosive environments and offer a more cost-effective option.

The WD600 is designed for use with flat running belts up to a capacity of 18t/h.

Conveyors with troughed belts can be easily converted to flat runs for a weighing section.

The ultra-sensitive load cells provide the foundation for superior accuracy.

The WD600 offers a large spectrum of load-cell sizes, allowing outstanding accuracy and repeatability, even with light loading, while still using the same rugged components for larger capacities.

This variety of load cells allows users the advantage of running multiple materials on the same system.

Different belt types are no problem for the WD600.

Intralox style belts, made for wash-down applications, are suited for the WD600.

Food processing plants require high accuracy for blending and batching.

Proven in applications ranging from pickles, tomatoes, potato chips, salt and ingredient additives to recycled material, pills, tobacco products, wood chips, fertiliser, steel fillings, paper of load products and cement – the WD600 is a versatile belt scale.

With 0.5 to 1.0 per cent totalisation accuracy over a four-to-one operating range, the WD600 increases reliability.

Horizontal forces due to belt drag or idler friction do not affect the accuracy of the WD600.

Combined with a Milltronics BW100, BW500 or Siwarex FTC module, the WD600 can provide indication of flow rate, total weight, belt load and speed of material on a conveyor belt.

A Milltronics speed sensor can monitor belt speed for input to the integrator.

The WD600 can also be used to control feed rates with a Siemens VFD, and an integrator with a PID controller (BW500 or Siwarex FTC).

Precision calibration weights are available; however material tests can yield higher accuracy.

Milltronics test chains are available when material tests are impossible or are too costly.

As a protective feature to prevent permanent damage, overload protection is also incorporated into the scale.

Milltronics WD600 easily meets these challenges.

A starch-feeding process in Brazil is using the Milltronics WD600 to track feed rates from a hopper before integrating the starch into the final product.

The application consists of 2mm (0.08in) starch powder travelling on a belt.

The producer needed to ensure a consistent feed rate to maintain proper mixing ratio.

Any deviation from the required feed rate would compromise the final product.

The Milltronics WD600 ensured an accuracy of +/-0.5 per cent, increasing cost efficiency and product quality.

As another example, a fertiliser production facility in Indonesia required monitoring of total values in a washdown application.

Six WD600s were installed and easily stand up to the harsh conditions of fertiliser production.

The six WD600s ensure that production maintains an accurate and consistent final product, regardless of the challenging conditions.

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