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Metabo has introduced the WE9-125 Quick 5in angle grinder built with the company’s vario constamatic (VC) electronics speed stabilisation.

This makes the grinder ideal for heavy operating conditions such as grinding, cutting and finishing granite, marble or concrete, as well as grinding and finishing metals.

Metabo’s VC electronics constantly monitor the current in the motor, adding voltage as load increases and keeping the tool running at optimum speed.

A soft-start feature extends longevity of the motor windings and gears.

The WE9-125 Quick grinder also incorporates Metabo’s Coolflow technology with repositioned carbon brushes for unrestricted airflow and a fan that pulls 35 per cent more air through the tool to keep it running cooler during operation, extending tool life.

In addition, the grinder features an aluminium die-cast housing to help with heat dissipation and provide increased durability.

Safety features include a tool-less guard adjustment, spindle lock and an S-Automatic safety slip clutch to protect the operator from kickback by absorbing the torque created if the wheel binds or snags.

A power interruption protection feature prevents restart in the event that power is lost to the tool and the switch remains in the ‘on’ position, protecting the operator from injury or work surfaces from damage when power is restored.

The grinder features a Metabo Longlife motor and offers 950W of power and 22in/lb of torque.

The motor and other essential components are protected from harmful dust and debris with double-lipped labyrinth sealed bearings, a winding protection grid and epoxy-coated field-coil windings.

This level of protection extends the motor’s life up to five times that of competitive models.

Weighing 5.4lb, the lightweight grinder features a secure ‘racket’ grip and dual-grip zones for comfortable, ergonomic handling.

The tool’s anti-vibration side-handle absorbs up to 60 per cent of the vibration and, coupled with its good balance, allows the operator to hold the tool longer, resulting in fatigue-free operation.

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