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Intelliconnect is expanding its range of standard coaxial and triaxial connectors, which accommodate flexible or semi-rigid cables of various sizes as well as PCB, flange and bulkhead configurations.

The standard RF connector product range from Intelliconnect includes the general-purpose design N Series medium-size connector, featuring a weatherproof gasket that allows it to withstand rugged environmental conditions.

This series can operate up to 12 GHz and accommodate various coaxial cables, PCB, flange and bulkhead configurations.

The medium-size TNC Series comprises lightweight connectors that have a weatherproof screw-locking mechanism and may be used with small and medium-size cables.

They too accommodate various PCB, flange and bulkhead configurations and are generally used in applications up to 12GHz.

The BMA Series miniature connectors are designed to be compatible with the small semi-rigid cables that have very low VSWR up to 22GHz, while the SMA Series miniature connectors are compatible with small semi-rigid cables that have very low VSWR at high frequencies.

Other connectors in the series can accommodate flexible coaxial cable, PCB, flange, surface and bulkhead configurations and these are suitable for use in rack and panel applications, with MIL versions available.

Another miniature connector series is the SMB, which is designed to be compatible with the small semi-rigid and flexible cables such as RG316, RG174 and RG196.

These connectors are designed with a snap-on mechanism and are mated/unmated by a straight pull which makes them useful in areas that are inaccessible to normal mating action.

The plugs have female contacts while the jacks have male contacts.

For mobile phones, information systems and communications markets, the micro MCX connector series, also with quick snap-on locking mechanism, is most suitable.

The MCX series is used with small, semi-rigid and flexible cables and can also accommodate various PCB, bulkhead, surface, edge and press-fit mount configurations.

Another standard coaxial range is the C Series general-purpose medium-size connector range that has a weatherproof bayonet locking mechanism.

The C Series compliments the N-Type series by offering the same size-fitting for the same cable groups and are generally used in applications up to 11GHz.

The final two standard product ranges available from Intelliconnect are triaxial connectors designed primarily to reduce noise levels in systems along with providing an isolated ground.

Both products are non-constant impedance and feature a clamping construction and weatherproof sealing features that ensure good termination to various twinaxial and triaxial cables.

The TRB Series has the appearance of a BNC connector but incorporates a third conductor.

The TRT Series has a thread-coupling mechanism as designed on the TNC Series and has the appearance of a TNC but incorporates a third conductor.

Typical specifications for the Intelliconnect standard range of RF connectors include: temperature range of -65C to +165C; vibration to MIL-STD-202, Method 204; shock to MIL-STD-202, Method 213; corrosion (Salt Spray) to MIL-STD-202, Method 101; and moisture resistance: MIL-STD-202, Method 106.

All Intelliconnect RF connectors are designed in accordance with US MIL-PRF-39012, MIL-STD-348, CECC: 22 110, IEC: 169-15 and BS9210N0006

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