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MCP’s database management programme, eTNA, sits on a secure server, has full data backup services and enables team skills profiles, personal reviews and refresher training schedules to be made.

It is accessible via the web with a valid client user id and password and works on a database that is unique to each organisation using the software.

eTNA creates a record of: all employees in the organisation, alongside details such as their work team/department, shift team, core skill; all skills required by employees; and all training courses that are approved by the organisation to deliver the skills, together with the training provider and cost.

More than one provider can be approved to deliver training.

In addition, it records for each skill training the period that the training is certified as ‘valid’, such as is necessary for fork-lift truck driving, first aid or electrical switching.

It can handle the assignment of proven existing skills to experienced people, if required.

There is a module used to designate for each team of people a list of skills, with the number of individuals required to have that skill – this is a team skills profile.

There is also a list of all training courses that impart knowledge, such as is needed for CPD or general training.

No specific skill is gained, but the training forms part of the portfolio of continuing personal development, which is most useful for supervision and management.

eTNA will show for teams and individuals the gaps between the desired ‘skills profile’ and the actual current skills.

From this, a forward training plan can be made, together with the cost, thus enabling skills-focused training budgets.

The programme will also show the dates when skills are due for retraining for individuals.

eTNA will also enable quick identification of any training needs that are created when a person moved across a team or shift(taking their skills with them).

It allows for routine personal reviews, allowing each person to personally rate their confidence and competence level in each skill that they are registered as being trained in.

This enables an individual review of training needs to be included in refresher training, even if it is not scheduled.

Being web based means eTNA needs no costly IT set up.

In many cases, states MCP, alternative HR training sections of records systems record the individual’s training courses and costs but do not recognise that skills result from training, or that a course must be repeated after a number of months or years.

Furthermore, not many HR training records will identify the team skills profile, comprising the skills needed by that team.

Often this is left to local supervisors to work out, each in their own way.

eTNA standardises the recording of team skills profiles.

Enabling better control, logging and results presentation, eTNA is useful to manufacturing because it lends itself to multiple small work teams, each with slightly different skills/training needs.

It recognises shift teams, enabling a skills profile for a shift team as well as the work teams.

It enables training needs to be easily established when moving people across teams, even if it’s on an interim basis.

It enables local managers/supervisors to set skills profiles they need, each being unique to their team.

It recognises that some skills must have repeat training on a fixed time interval, such as FLT or First Aid training.

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